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Case File 2802: DEFECT

Laura Doyle AKA Defect 2802. Sister to the fiercest sitting High Court Judge in Coldford.

Former beauty queen. Crowned KINGSGATE Queen in  #### .

Defect showed signs of liver failure, glaucoma and cell death in the heart and lungs due to a prolonged addiction to heroin.

Whilst vital organs were of little use for transplantation, Cerebral tissue was taken for further studies at FILTON University Medical School (my own alma mater) as well as gastrocnemius muscle tissue. Details of the transaction are enclosed within.

A costly upkeep. Defect 2802 has become more problematic than useful. Her future will be discussed at the next meeting of the HARBOUR HOUSE Board. Given her familial connections discretion in her care is of the utmost importance.

Signed: Dr G. Winslow

COMING 2020.

The Harbour House rehab facility is the brain child of the eminent Dr Winslow. When a notice from the High Court asks him to open it’s doors transparency may be a little problematic.

Character Profile: Cameron Doyle

Age: 18

Occupation: Student (Kingsgate Law School)

Cameron remains an observer as his powerful family make waves in the city.

As the son of the City’s most feared High Court JUDGE, for Cameron discipline is a way of life. He knows to obey the rules. He is a good son because he is all too familiar with the consequences if those rules are broken.

Cameron learns that discipline is key.

Cameron is built strong. He has a long line of Doyle blood behind him and as such he is an athletic boy. he was sought for the KINGSGATE football team. However, a head injury sustained at home made it difficult for him to proceed. He still remains strong but it left him slower to react and more passive with the ball at his feet.

When looking at Cameron’s medical records one will find no mention of his father. His paternal information is sealed by the High Court only to be opened in the event of the death of his mother. The closest he has to a father figure in his life is his cousin MICKY who came to all of his games to cheer him on.

Cousin Micky is willing to show Cameron the ropes.

The outside world is a little daunting for Cameron. Like most people his age he likes to lose himself in video games. When he locks himself in his gaming room he is transported to various realms where he can be whoever he wants to be. He has friends there. They’ve never met before but they join him in his realms where rules no longer apply.

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March of our Times (Curtain Call)

A few days passed. Laurence persevered in the dreadful MARCH OF OUR TIMES soap opera. His wife, Leslie, was no wiser to the financial dire straits they had found themselves in. Things could even be considered to have gotten back to normal until a privately couriered letter from the HARBOUR HOUSE rehabilitation clinic arrived with breakfast.

He took it to his study to read privately. He almost spat his tea over it when he read the cost of Gillian’s second amputation. Higher than the first leg.

How could one leg cost so much more than the other?

He was beginning to think it would have been easier to have kept a mistress. Perhaps Scarlett, his talentless co star on TIMES would have obliged. She would wrap her lips around anything if it meant she could boost her career. But no, it wasn’t a mistress. Collette was a victim of his drunk driving stupidity. It would have been easier if he had just called an ambulance at the time and taken the heat from the police but no. He had already been given community service for driving under the influence. He wasn’t even sure if he had a valid licence. So he called his good friend DR WINSLOW. Well he wasn’t really sure they were good friends, they met at a party once. Either way he owned the rehabilitation clinic and he was a skilled surgeon. In exchange for treating her Laurence was being drained of every penny he had.

“I have to take the other leg,” Winslow had said.

“Is it necessary?” Laurence had asked.

“It is if you want the young lady to live.”

How quickly a terrible accident can become a murder. Or was it manslaughter? Leslie would know. Her sister also happened to be the toughest HIGH COURT JUDGE the city of COLDFORD had ever sene. Even though they lived abroad in the coastal town of LUEN the threat of repercussions always loomed like the dusty Shady City clouds.

There was a polite tapping at the door.

“Loo Loo!” Called Leslie in her charming little voice. “I’m going to be leaving soon. Come see me off.”

Laurence stored the invoice away in the locked drawer in his desk.

“Okay pumpkin pie. I’ll be there in just a moment.”

He even surprised himself with how natural and calm he sounded. Damn he was a good actor.

He met his wife downstairs at the door way of their classically built beach house.

Leslie, dressed beautifully in a red, tea length dress and black heels, leaned forward with her painted ruby red lips puckered. She pointed to her cheek. Her skin was porcelain and pale despite the warm weather in LUEN.

I’ll be back around four,” she said. “I’m just going to do a little shopping with Alma and remember we have reservations at LE WORDE tonight.”

Laurence was busy calculating how much more he could push their credit card before it got cut up. It seemed the good people at CITI BANK didn’t care he was a famous actor. Leslie must have noticed the puzzled expression in his face. He never was really great at maths.

“What’s wrong pooky?” She asked in a voice one might use when talking to a baby.

“I’ll just miss you,” he decided. A safe ad-lib.

Leslie beamed. “Silly Loo Loo.” She patted his face gently. He liked the feel of her silk gloves against his skin. “I won’t be long,” she continued.

“I know,” he replied. “Wuv you,” he said in a similar infantile voice.

It charmed her. She giggled and dove into the velvet clutch bag she carried and produced a card carrier.

“Use the BECKINGRIDGE card,” he said.

“What’s wrong with Citi Bank?” She asked.

Laurence had to think fast.

There’s no money on it.

“I’m writing a script. I may get my own production off the ground so I’ll need it.”

“Oh Loo Loo!” She cheered. “That is so exciting.”

“I may have to cancel Le Worde,” he said.


Because we can’t afford it.

“Because I want to get started right away.”

She waved her finger at him. “Now don’t work to hard.”

He raised his eyebrows. “I’ll do my best.”

As the door closed the scene cut. He felt he could have done better but he delivered his lines convincingly enough.

He thought of the future. Keeping the truth from Leslie was becoming more and more difficult. He called WINSLOW at HARBOUR HOUSE.

This time the doctor was in his office and his surgical gear had been replaced by an expensive grey suit.

“Laurence my good man! You’ll be pleased to know that our Colette is recovering marvellously. Her latest surgery was a complete success.”

“It’s about the latest invoice,” Laurence interrupted. “It’s expensive.”

Winslow tutted. “You can’t put a price on the quality of care here at Harbour House.”

Laurence frowned. He couldn’t act calm anymore. “You certainly took a stab at it.”

Winslow raised his eyebrows in are you seriously talking to me in that manner? Expression.

“Need I remind you, I am merely trying to cover up your mess.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Laurence put the question out there. It wasn’t necessarily directed at the doctor.

“Since we are such good friends I am willing to make some allowances. There is one way you could clear your debts.”


Winslow seemed to look over the camera then, probably to check his door was closed securely.

“How is your health?”

“Fine. Why?”

Winslow folded his arms and leaned back in his chair. “Well, I have a long list of kidney patients, leukaemia patients in desperate need of transplants. The nasty old Organ Donor Registar in this city would have them die on waiting lists so we cut some corners. A donation from you could go a long way to helping clear your debt.”

“You want me to donate organs? Whilst I’m still alive?”

“Non essential ones for course. Just one kidney would suffice or perhaps some bone marrow. A few hours in surgery and a couple of days in recovery and all this dreadful mess will be behind you.”

Laurence thought about it. It would mean he could move on. He could quit MARCH OF OUR TIMES. One good movie and it would be like nothing had happened.

“I would have to think about it.”

Winslow replied, “time is ticking Laurence. People are dying and you could save them.”

Now it felt like something he couldn’t refuse to do.

“I’ll call you back,” Laurence agreed.

“There is one other option,” the surgeon put to him before he hung up. “You could donate Collette.”

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THE JUDGE (Karyn Doyle)

Name: Her Honour Judge Karyn Doyle

Age: 42

Occupation: High Court Judge

“The hammer of Justice falls hard.”

She is ready to bring some law and order to the Shady City. Our Boss Lady doesn’t  frighten her. They go back a long way and now it’s time for Justice to be served.

Judge Doyle sets sight on the Boss Lady of the Knock Knock Club.

They tried to beat her, drown her and catch her in an explosion and yet still she stands. The KNOCK KNOCK Club has been getting away with too much for too long

If you find yourself in her court tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Justice may be blind in one eye but it can sniff bull shit easily. She is feared and with good reason. When it comes to deciding between right and wrong she is the Judge. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions were. It doesn’t matter how honourable a life you led if commit a crime in the Shady City and justice will be served.

The High Court bench. Better known as THE RACK.

With her Owen alliances and her cousin heading to City Hall who even has the nerve to challenge her? She is JUSTICE in Coldford.

Leading the LAWMAKERS is our elusive Judge. How do you plead?

Complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series is free to read HERE.

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