Knock Knock Complete Season 1

As a fearless reporter steps inside the Knock Knock club and looks beneath the cabaret he discovers a much bigger problem than the disappearance of the Mayor. He discovers a city wide issue that is ready to erupt. 

Volume 1

KNOCKKNOCK_issue1_welcometotheclub  KNOCKKNOCK_issue2_don'tcomeknockin

KNOCKKNOCK_issue3_sleeptightsam  KNOCKKNOCK_ep4_promo

KNOCKKNOCK_issue5_roomwithaview  KNOCKKNOCK_issue6_pickingupstrangewomen

KNOCKKNOCK_issue7_nokidsallowed  KNOCKKNOCK_issue8_kidsthesedays  KNOCKKNOCK_issue9_shootinthebreeze  KNOCKKNOCK_issue10_callinglastorders

Volume 2

KNOCKKNOCK_issue11_shadycityblues  BeFunky-project (1)

KNOCKKNOCK_issue13_cover  KNOCKKNOCK_issue14_coverKNOCKKNOCK_issue15_cover  KNOCKKNOCK_issue16_friendsinhighplacesKNOCKKNOCK_issue17_highfliers knockknock_issue18_takingcareofit    KNOCKKNOCK_issue19_taketheedgeoff  KNOCKKNOCK_issue20_allrise

Come join the club!

It is with great pleasure we announce that we will be returning for season two. Keep your eyes (or eye!) peeled and check back for further announcements. In the meantime, court dismissed.


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