Harbour House

Meet the Residents: 

Resident 1310: DAVID FINN

Resident 1310: David Finn. ADDICTION


Resident 1105: VINCENT BAINES.

Resident 1105: Vincent Baines. OBSESSION.


Resident 0109: TAWNY MCINNEY.

Resident 0109: Tawny McInney. TRAUMA.


Meet the Staff



Chief clinician and CEO Dr G Winslow.


The Porters:

The Harvesters Team: Curtis, Julia and Glenn. Three happy Harbour House helpers.

0109: Interview with tawny mcinney

A woman, middle aged, frizzy haired and full figured is brought before me. She is smiling despite her surroundings. She has an unlit cigarette in her hand. She knows she’s not allowed to smoke in the office but she clutches it for comfort. Behind that smile is perhaps a little nervousness.

1105: Interview with Vincent Baines

I am now speaking to a well presented gentleman. He is groomed, well dressed and watching me keenly. However, he struggles with serious personality issues and his residence at Harbour House came at a huge cost.

1310: Interview with David Finn

A scruffy young man is sat before me. His hair is bleached, his body thin and a little malnourished. He’s been through a lot it seems but brought to Harbour House to combat a drug addiction he’s on the list of those we aim to make better.

Harbour House: available now

The latest novel from the author of Muse, Maestro and the Knock Knock series. Welcome to Harbour House.

Harbour House Now Open

Bring me your sick and your troubles. They will always have a home at Harbour House and it is open now.

Quiet please!

Creating noise won’t do our residents any good. They are hear to recover.

Setting the Stage

When the bombs rained in and the shooting began the curtains closed for good.

Character Profile: Daniel Weir

Daniel learned the hard way that trust and kindness only get you so far when the policy of your family hotel is that once the reservations are made you pay no mind to what goes on behind the closed doors.

As long as it takes

You see, it wouldn’t do good for the residents of Harbour House to look at what went beyond the safe little world that had been created for them.

Character Profile: Kieran Mack

The Mack and Sons form such a tight unit because of their loyalty to each other. Kieran may be the first to cause a headache for them but he is also the first there on hand to help when trouble arrives on Love Street.

Character Profile: Reginald Penn

Reginald pays no mind to the law when it comes to protecting his friends and family. They call him the King of City Main. He’s a noble king but not one to be threatened.

Extract from Harbour House

The three took seat at their usual table by the fireplace. Winslow watched them from the door way. Like a fine, oiled machine his beloved facility ran.

Home of the Golden Boy: Starkland Park

Home of the Coldford Athletic football team the beautifully constructed stadium stands as a symbol that anything is possible. But like most places in the Shady City it has seen its share of blood shed.

Justice Is Served

The Shady City has always made rules of her own but the line is now drawn.

Look me in the Eye

I listened, smiled, said what he wanted to hear.

I even pretended to be sweet and kind.

Ten things you (probably) didn’t know about George Beckingridge

He’s an adorable little psychopath, right? Well perhaps not. He tends to rile the readers but he does give a lot to talk about. So with that in mind here are ten things you (probably) didn’t know about the heir to the BECKINGRIDGE TOWER.

Bugs in the Alley

Bugs they all are and filth is what they know.

How could they let such a disappointment grow?


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