What Did You Do?

“You expect me to believe that your husband was a prolific paedophile and you knew nothing about it?”

OLIVIA PLATT sobbed. If she had known about it she would have done something sooner.

Margaret was the name of the LAW MAKERS clerk. She had a silver pin with the three pillared building surrounded by the reef that was the symbol of the Law Makers on the lapel of her black blazer. There were no jewels on her long neck, no diamond studs in her ears. She didn’t have any glitter about her except that pin.

“I didn’t,” cried Olivia. “I swear I didn’t.”

Click. Click. Click. Margaret typed away on her computer. Olivia could only see the back of the monitor. Margaret gave a severe look at her screen. Then she reached out with skeletal thin fingers, clasped the monitor and turned it further towards her.

“Those poor little girls,” Olivia continued. She tried to show she wasn’t a bad person. “I just want to do what I can to help them,” she stated.

Margaret rested her rake like hands away from the keys.

“Easing a guilty conscience? Did you take part in your husbands tastes?”

Olivia shrieked. “Of course not! I’d never have hurt those girls.”

“No? But you would let your husband though,” sneered Margaret.

She was just a clerk tasked with getting the details from Olivia. She was not an investigator. Still Olivia felt the need to explain herself.

“If I had known what was going on I would have said something. I would have gone to the police.”

“Those girls – already troubled – were in your care as a City Social Worker and you failed them.”

Olivia sniffed. She had come to the COURT OFFICES to ease her conscience she supposed. She wanted to do what she could to make up for what had gone on under her nose.

Margaret narrowed her gaze. “At this stage we are only interested in one girl. Does the name TABITHA mean anything to you? Does it ring any bells?”

“Yes,” Olivia answered.

“But of course you would remember that girl. You filed a State Support Claim on her behalf. In exchange for your help she ran away with your husband.”

DENNIS’ note said that he had to leave,” Olivia explained.

Margaret’s lips tightened into a venomous spout of disgust. “Yes and now we know why, isn’t that right?”

“I didn’t know,” Olivia said again in protest.

Margaret returned to the computer. “I’m booking you an interview with one of our Child Services Committee officers,” she said tap tap tapping on the keys. “We’re only interested in one girl. We need to know everything you do about Tabitha.”

Dennis isn’t just dirty. He’s downright filthy but that’s only part of the story. Before the LAW MAKERS make their final judgement check out Volume 1 and examine the evidence.

Volume 1 of the hit graphic novel series is free to read HERE on Vivika Widow Online or you can download for kindle by clicking HERE.

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