You’ve Been Served (Part 2)

Innocent? No one is truly innocent.

What we have is a society that forces offenders beneath the surface. It is now time to dig them out by the roots and destroy the weeds so that a better society can grow over the top.

No one in this city will take my law into their own hands. No one will grant themselves the power over life and death. It is for the LAW MAKERS of this city to stem the flow of corruption and hold those who break the rules accountable, no one else.

We will shut down corporations and lay waste to lawless areas for that is what it means to be a LAW MAKER.

As the hammer of justice crashes down its thunder will resonate across the entire reach of the Shady City. Many will fear the vibrations but if fear is what it takes then fear it shall be. Where fear fails there is force. They will be pushed back into the holes in which they dwell and fire will be set to the cesspits of villainy.

The mayor of the city is still missing. The hot seat is still open but make no mistake, my law is still my law and no one is above it.

A little TROUBLE in the Shanties is bringing down the wrath of the LAW MAKERS.


Volume 2 of the hit graphic novel series will give you your day before the bench of JUDGE DOYLE.

Volume 1 of the hit graphic novel series is free to read HERE on Vivika Widow Online or you can download for kindle by clicking HERE.

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