Knock Before Entering: The Knock Knock Club

Location: Clifton Lane, Shanties.


In the poorest area of the Shady City, known as the SHANTIES, lies a club called the Knock, Knock Club. You will find it if you care to venture down Clifton Alley and are keen enough to knock on it’s door.

Reporter, Sam and his wife are welcomed to the club by manager, Dennis

There you will find a charming manager, DENNIS, to meet you. Entertainment is provided by some of the best talent the city has to offer, the KNOCK KNOCK girls are there to make you feel welcome and if you care to become a member the club will always have your back. You may even get an audience with the BOSS LADY herself.

Boss Lady, Tabitha, has a treat in store for reporter, Sam.

Since it’s opening by an old show girl known as The BARONESS and her partner AGNES, It has had its fair share of challenges. It has been a hiding place for criminals, raided by the COLDFORD CITY POLICE department and been burnt down in an attack that killed many of the dancer girls, staff and patrons. Despite this it has always managed to claw its way back up to continue as a feature in the south of the city. There is a war brewing and the HEADLINERS who own the club are leading the charge.

Sam and his wife, Theresa enjoy the entertainment Knock Knock has to offer.

Supplied by the MACK AND SONS distillery and invested into by the AUCTION HOUSE the club always has someone to call on when mischief is required.

It is a cabaret club by all measures but behind its closed doors there is something else going on. Enter journalist, SAM CRUSOW, to expose it for what it really is.

Complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series is free to read HERE.

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Coming 2020.

When Tawny opened the Knock Knock club she envisioned so much more than cabaret. It was open to help those in need. As her world burned down around her she couldn’t help those closest to her.

Harbour House welcomes the old show girl known as the Baroness.



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